Quality Connecting Dental Staff


DPPS has provided us with quality employees, both permanent and temporary.  We can always count on them to send help, when we need it, whether we have advanced notice or in an emergency.

Dr. Jeffrey T.

Tracy Williams and her company, Dental Personnel Placement Services, have been on immense value to me throughout my career as both a Dental Assistant and now as a Dentist.  As a Dentist for hire, Tracy provided me with numerous substitute opportunities that were well-coordinated and several viable leads to permanent placement.  As a Dental Assistant, DPPS provided me with numerous, well-coordinated, temporary opportunities where I was treated with courtesy and respect.  I can say with confidence that Dental Personnel Placement Services is the premier dental placement organization in central Ohio and would recommend this company without reservation.

Theodore B. DDS

Working with DPPS has been a blessing for me! Tracy has always sent me qualified and caring people to help take care of my patients.  I don’t know what I would have done without her services.

Dr. Carlos S.

Tracy and her team are the best! They have helped match me with great offices. The staff is truly supportive and will help you every step of the way weather it is picking up extra work or just finding an office that is matches your career goals. They also have a great resume service ! Thank you Tracy for all of your hard work !

Stacey L.

Tracy and her staff always gave me the best help in getting placed in great dental offices. She was great to work with. I have moved to another city and wish she had an office here!

Carol U.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Tracy is a reliable source of dental personnel support services.  Our office has relied on Tracy throughout the years with great satisfaction and dependability.”

Dr. Robin F.

I have used Tracy’s Dental Placement service many times over the years for both sub jobs and permanent placement.  She is very helpful and knowledgeable.  She will “go to bat” for you, if necessary with an employer.  I would recommend Tracy and her services to anyone

Dona S.

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Dental Personnel Placement has always been great in helping us find substitutes when our staff may be out of the office.  Very timely and good quality substitutes have been sent.

Eric B.

Tracy is very knowledgeable about the dental market in this area.  She has a great sense of finding the fit for each employer’s needs.  She has a wide range of client database for all areas surrounding Columbus.  Her business has a long track record for employers and employees.  In addition, Tracy has the upbeat, energetic personality that gets things done even in an immediate situation.  I would highly recommend her.

Debra T.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Tracy has been a valued resource for our company.  She is knowledgeable, effective, and conscientious.

Dan J.


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